Speak the Jamaican Language - Patois
The Language of Jamaica and Dancehall Reggae
The Last Vibration

English is the official language of Jamaica, but Jamaican Patois (Patwah) is the spoken language of Jamaica. Most people in Jamaica speak English and patois, but there are people who only speak Patois. The Jamaican language is fast, fun and creative, adding new words daily. People love to hear the sound of Patois with its African, English, American and Amerindian influences. Patois is the language of reggae, especially dancehall which is almost exclusively performed in the Jamaican language. In addition, Rastas have created their own language to challenge Babylon. The Rasta language is focused on positivity, uplift and resistance. Despite being unique to Rastas, the Rasta language is one of the more exciting elements of Jamaican Patois which has penetrated the language and Jamaican society. Jamaican Patois is filled with expressions and words that you will hear nowhere else. This is one language that you have to learn, it's fun and part of the Jamaican experience. The Rastaman Vibration is your definitive source for Jamaican Patois and the Rasta language.Yah Mon, irie!

Everything is irie here! Oct. 10 '07 Bill Q.<>Cleveland, OH

All thumbs up!
Sept. 22 '07 Trish<>Indianapolis, IN

Loving this book
Aug 19 '07 Ron S.<>Traverse City, MI

Thanks for the speak Jamaican course.
July 12 '07 Gerald P.<>Baton Rouge, LA

W'appun i just got mi book. and mi lub disa book mi waan fi give thank. mi learn a whole heap from reading disa book. likkle more.

Best book on this.
May 22 '07 Kat<>Minot, ND

May 11 '07 Garth M<>NY

I would like to comment on the effectiveness of this book. The language learning is great and all the great stuff in the book is definately worthwhile. Others should be happy.
March 19 '07 Eric S<>Cleveland, OH

Perfect for my coffee table and conversational piece at home
March 03 '07 Scott K<>Boston, MA

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